The Rise of Mixed Use Developments in Sacramento

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Rendering of “DOCO,” a mixed use development under construction
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Rendering of “DOCO,” a mixed use development under construction
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Mixed use developments in commercial real estate have always been an effective way to bring life to a city or neighborhood. Since Sacramento is a relatively mid-sized city, there hasn’t been as much mixed use development compared to other California titans. But as the city grows in both population and popularity, commercial real estate developers have recently been looking to mixed use projects to help embrace the growing culture.

Mixed use developments have been on the rise in Sacramento over the past few years. Recent successfully completed projects include:

  • M.A.Y. Building (2016)
  • 15th and R Reuse (2015)
  • Legado de Reval (2013)

There are also several projects already under construction throughout the grid, some of which will be completed this year:

  • The Sawyer at DOCO (2017)
  • DOCO (2017)
  • The Mill at Broadway
  • Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility (2017)
  • California Fruit Building
  • The Bridge District
  • Rochdale
  • The Ice Blocks (2017)
  • 700 Block of K Street (2017)

This list doesn’t include the dozens of mixed use developments that have already been proposed to the City of Sacramento. One of the most exciting projects for the community is the revitalization of Sacramento’s Union Pacific Railyards.

This project is the epitome of mixed use development – the 244-acre plot is slated to include 1 million square feet of retail, 5 million square feet of office, housing, theaters, parks, hotels, museums, a Kaiser Permanente hospital, and even a proposed Major League Soccer stadium.

Mixed use projects are of one the best ways to foster culture and community within a city. Allocating resources towards mixed use facilities, as opposed to single use buildings, provides numerous benefits such as:

  • Reduced distances between housing, retail, and workplaces
  • Compact development
  • More housing variety
  • Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly areas
  • Neighborhood character

As more mixed use developments come to fruition, Sacramento is sure to see the growth that it has been building towards for years.

Rendering of Sacramento’s potential MLS Stadium at The Railyards
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