At PRB Commercial, we focus solely on Commercial properties. Our experience and understanding of the seven main property types is utilized daily in our service to cater to your specific needs and goals. The 7 types of commercial real estate we focus on are: Office (including Medical), Industrial, Retail (including restaurants), Multi-Family Buildings (5+ units), Land, Hotels and Special Purpose. Depending on your need of space, function, locale and traffic, we are here to help you create the perfect commercial property for you.




Effective Commercial Brokerage.

At PRB Commercial, we’ll show you how to market your property to both buyers and tenants effectively. We do much more than simply placing a sign in the ground and enter your listing in a commercial database.

Before we start marketing your property, we take the time to get to know you and your goals. At the heart of any successful brokerage are people who have the knowledge, passion, and contacts to be successful. If you don’t consider yourself to be a real estate pro, or are just starting out, we’ve got you covered.



Commercial Real Estate

Build your portfolio with our core specialties, including office, industrial, retail, restaurants, multifamily buildings, land, and hotels. Of course, there are many subtypes under these property types as well. Depending on your need of space, function, locale and traffic, we can help you create the perfect commercial property. Focus on your business more, and your real estate less.


While the near-term market volatility can be daunting, commercial real estate continues to be an attractive investment for a broad spectrum of investors.

PRB’s talented team of real estate professionals have the skills and personal drive to make finding your perfect property easier than ever before.

Have you been frustrated with other brokers who won’t return your calls? PRB is adept at taking the frustration out of finding the perfect property. We work tirelessly and are passionate about providing stellar customer service to our valued clients.



Let us know what you are seeking. Whether it’s a new investment or 1031 exchange, we will put the time and effort needed to find the right property with the upside numbers you are looking for.


Need help understanding the terms: LOI? Cap Rate? Cash on cash return? Total return on investment? Or maybe which options are good and which options may lock you into something you didn’t want. We won’t speak over you, we’ll speak to you and make sure you understand all the phases along the way. We welcome first time Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants.

If you wish to be respected and given individualized service, call for an appointment today!